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Hypertension and Social Economic Status

Social status, prestige, all these are connected with an individual. Sometimes it is acquired or sometimes it comes with the birth. Social status comes with family background, money, position and ethnic family.

To reach the social status as others, we earn, earn and earn, we don’t understand how to gain. Middle class people complete their education to get a secure job and to get handsome salary. In spite of trying hard to earn money there’s lot of burdens like family, taxes, bills and every penny that goes out.

In the field of education also there is competition. Hypertension is common in young generation due to exam pressure, pressure from peers to spend money etc. People with high social economic status take their hold everywhere providing good education to their children. People with low economic status cannot provide their children a high education and their mind remains underdeveloped. Such people are susceptible to hypertension because they can’t cope up with tension for money required for the education.

People compare themselves with others; they see that rich people have house, car and each and every amenity for life. But they don’t understand how to make huge money. All this is social burden. Thinking to reach the apogee, we stress our body, mind by working day and night with no breaks, no rest and so, body gets tired and respond in a different way. It releases stress hormone adrenaline, cortisol and norepinephrine, all of which are vasoconstrictors leading to hypertension.

Both are at high risks, people with high social economic status and with low social economic status. Because of poverty people with lower status are not able to saturate the requirement of body. People with higher status are at greater risk of hypertension, because of their sedentary lifestyle, consumption of alcohol and improper food habits.

This is not only about poor or people coming under poverty line. It is also about people having high occupation like CEO’s, Director’s, Manager’s etc. They all have to cope up with social economic status. They have preset targets to increase the sales of the company, to improve the productivity compared to colleagues, to manage all the balance sheets and what not. Higher the responsibility higher the risk of hypertension.

Hypertension comes silently and leaves no body. In rural areas people strive for food. Poverty again leads to hypertension. They eat what ever they find in their vicinity. Eating means just not to fill the stomach; it should fulfill the requirement of the body. Essential nutrients, proteins, vitamins and minerals all are required for the proper functionality of organs. Deficiency of potassium seriously leads to hypertension. Imbalance of ions and minerals cause irregularity in the osmolarity.

Health education should be given to all. There is difference between tips given to poor and rich people.

Rich can afford all sort of medication instantly.

It is not that poor cannot avail the treatment. For them, it is important to make them understand, how to cope up with stress occurred due to social economic status.

Education about food habits and lifestyle is important for both people with high and low social economic status. Ultimately everyone’s body reacts to all unfavorable conditions in similar way irrespective of status.

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Maintain Your H-1B Status in Today’s Economy

The slow economy in recent times has compelled many employers, especially those in the Information Technology industry, to lay off H-1B employees. Unfortunately, a lot of H-1B employees wind up in troubled waters once they are notified by their employers regarding the termination of their employment. It is extremely important for an H-1B visa holder to be in status at all times.

Loss of employment and termination of the H-1B status can result in the candidate becoming illegal in the United States. Sometimes, a candidate may be out of status and may accrue unlawful presence. Unlawful presence occurs when an H-1B candidate continues to reside in the United States after the expiration of the I-94 document and has no other application for relief pending with the USCIS. Once a person accrues unlawful presence in the United States, he or she then may be subjected to the three year or ten year bar. For example, if an H-1B candidate has accrued unlawful presence for more than 6 months, he or she is subjected to the three year bar. However, if the candidate continues to accrue unlawful status for more than one year, he or she will be subjected to the 10 year bar.


Once an H-1B visa employee is terminated, it is the duty of the employer to settle all wage issues with the employee and provide the employee with a ticket to his or her home country. Additionally, the employer should also inform the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services regarding the termination of the services of the H-1B employee. H1b employee is required to get the same benefits received by a US worker, in terms of severance package, health insurance continuation at employee’s expense etc. If you find another job and your employer has already provided air tickets to you to go back to your home country, you can’t cash that air tickets.


If you are an H-1B visa holder and if you anticipate that your status will be terminated, it may be possible to apply for another status. There are different options available. The individual may qualify for another category depending upon his/her situations. For example H-1B holder may transfer his/her status to an H4 visa and also can acquire his/her student status for further studies. There are various realistic options to maintain your presence legally in United States; we recommend you to contact Immigration Attorney immediately. An attorney assists you to transfer your visas or recommends other realistic options.

•Change of Employer
•Change of Visa Status

For example, we recently succeeded in assisting an H-1B holder in transferring to an H4, and thereafter, we also assisted him in obtaining an H-1B again after he found another employer.

If you or any of your friends are about to lose your jobs and are currently on H-1B visas, we highly recommend you visit the law offices of N.M. Gehi, P.C. For assistance in transferring your h1b visa status, to maintain lawful status in United States and h1b related matters, please call (718) 263-5999 to schedule an appointment or else click here to schedule for a FREE personal consultation.

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Income Tax Return Status

Your current income tax return status is ‘account locked – user action required’. Did that get your attention? If not, then what is your current status? So, you don’t know if your current income tax return status is ‘account locked – user action required’ or not? You perhaps should more accurately state it as, “I hope that’s not my current account status.”

The truth of the matter is the only time you know or care about your current status is when you are either waiting for a refund or some other form of correspondence on the progress of your income tax return. If you were to find out that there was some form of issue with your account in August, then you might actually wait a day or even two before setting the time aside to dig deeper into the issue. However, if you submitted last week and you received notification of action required, you would probably go to the web application right away.

Online status web applications have brought about a working relationship between the processing of a submitted return from a citizen and the many governmental departments that a return passes through before it will be approved and completed. Being able to change a status code at every stop and set of prying eyes in the process allows you as a taxpayer to see how long each part of the process actually takes. It also will automatically notify you or if you don’t have that set up, you will have to login to the site and check your current status.

Just a few decades ago, if you wanted to know you current income tax return status, the very best you could have done was to make a phone call, spending as much time needed before you have all the correct phone numbers, information, and people on the phone and being lucky enough to receive the status within the next 20 minutes or so. It would have been quite common to receive a called back later that day, the next day or even next week before you would get the status code. Sometimes, your refund would arrive and your return become complete before you get the status code and at that point, it’s wrong.

Recent developments in technology have made checking your income tax return status quick and easy. Not only will the return be processed quicker if a problem arises, it helps keep both the taxpayer and the governmental agencies focused on the same tasks. You can find an elaborate Income Tax Refund Calculator on almost all governmental websites to encourage and help you make accurate estimates of your personal taxes.

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Non Status Car Leasing for the UK Marketplace

Non Status Car Leasing for People with Bad Credit
Shopping for a new car should be an exciting and rewarding experience, but it can be all gloom and doom if you have non status credit. What could be worse than finding the exact car of your dreams, in just the right colour, with all of the right options, and then getting turned down by the dealer, bank, or finance company because of your credit history or some other circumstance that makes you non status?

Well, if you were the only person that this has ever happened to, then it would be fair to say that you are well and truly hosed. But, the fact is, there are millions of people in the U.K. who have less than perfect credit, or find themselves classified as non status because of a recent divorce, being self employed, or just simply not having any credit history to rely on. And yes, these people still can get into a new car. Want to know how they do it? Here’s the secret.

Non Status Car Leasing Options
There are U.K. car financing companies who specialize in helping people who are classified as non status. These automobile loan companies realize that credit problems happen to good people, and the chances are that you will make your payments on time if someone would just give you a chance to prove it.

Here’s how it works for Non Status Car Leasing
Typically you go about your business shopping for a car just like you normally would. Once you determine the make and model you want, and what options you want to order, you contact your non status car leasing loan provider and give them all of the details.

You’ll have to fill out a credit application, but don’t panic! They already know that you have non status credit or you wouldn’t be coming to them. The application process is a legal requirement for any legitimate car loan provider. Once the application is completed, and the lender approves you for the amount you need, their expert car financing staff goes to work for you.

The way that it works is the non status car loan company will usually buy the car themselves and then lease it to you for a pre-determined period of time. You simply make the monthly payments just as if you leased it through a more traditional lender. As you make each payment you are building your good credit which will go a long way towards helping you when you are ready to get your next car. All you need to do is keep up with your payments.

Should you ever find yourself in a position where you just can’t make a payment when it is due, contact your non status lender right away. Being honest and up front will keep the relationship running smoothly, and the chances are they will be able to help you over the occasional rough spot.

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