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Affiliate Rockstar Status Review

Affiliate Rockstar Status was co-written by Eric Rockefeller and Chris from the DJK team. Some of you may have read some of the DJK teams past work, Project Affiliate X and the Day Job Killer.

A question I have been asked a lot lately is whether or not Affiliate Rockstar Status is an over hyped get rich quick scheme? In my article I am going to attempt to uncover some golden nuggets that lie deep within this Internet success manual and get to the bottom of that question.

In my search for the truth I discovered that Affiliate Rockstar Status includes a step-by-step blueprint to boost your online income. But does the book really deliver..? The ad copy was persuasive enough for me to too warrant taking a closer look.

Lets dive right into Chapter one of Affiliate Rockstar Status, The Million Dollar Methodology. This chapter sets out a detailed schematic for you to follow on your path to Internet success. It reveals some of the strategies the top affiliates use to bring in a steady stream of income.

This section in a nutshell is the basics of Internet marketing. It is important to get a grasp of the basics before plunging forward into the sometimes confusing world of Internet marketing.

Chapter 3 of Affiliate Rockstar Status contains some truly eye opening AdWords tracking techniques that I have not seen in any other publications. As well the chapter provides some advanced ad copy tips and strategies.

One of the best chapters of Affiliate Rockstar Status is called Direct Linking (Next Generation) and it reveals some AdWords content functions that I had not previously thought of. The chapter also provides some advanced web 2.0 techniques that could potentially increase free traffic coming to your blog or website.

One thing I dislike about the book is the bonus chapter titled “How To Splurge Like A Rockstar.” This chapter is purely a space filler in my opinion. There were also a few elements missing from the book that I felt could of easily been included.

In summing up I found Affiliate Rockstar Status a very compelling read. It builds on some techniques and principles of its predecessors but it still manages to toss in some hidden gems to satisfy the reader.

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