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Pell Grant Status After Online Applications

As there are various ways of submitting your form for the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (via mail on paper, or electronically through filling out the form online), there are also multiple ways of receiving the response of your application and finding out your Pell Grant status. If you have chosen to submit your application online, you should be aware of its advantages: being able to fill out part of the form, and then coming back to fill the rest; benefiting from the checks made by the online system if you happen to enter an illogical date of birth or an invalid Social Security Number; receiving online help through hints provided next to the form for every piece of information you will enter; and sending the completed form at an instant. None the less, the advantages of submitting an online application are not restricted to these only. Online services become even more advantageous as you expect to be acknowledged about your Pell Grant status. Here is how.

It will be good news for you to hear that if you have submitted your application form online, you may expect to be informed about your status quite early. There are two ways through which you can find out your Pell Grant status after making the application. The first one is through e-mail. Students who have made an online application should expect the information regarding their Pell Grant status to be sent to their e-mail inbox. Under normal circumstances, the e-mail is sent on the first business day after you submit your application. This quick reply is one reason why students are encouraged to make online applications for Pell Grants.

The other method through which you can learn your Pell Grant status is by using the same online facilities you had used while making your application. If you are using this method, you can find out your status immediately after submitting the application. What you should do is quite simple as well: First, you need to go to the home page of the Free Application for Federal Student Aid on the Web by entering to your address bar. To find out your status, you will need to click on “Start Here” to log in to your account. After logging in, you will be directed to a new web page. On this page, you will see columns. The third column is of interest to you, the one that carries the name “FAFSA Follow Up”. Among many other links in the column, you will see the item “Check Status of Grant” at the top of the column. This link will take you to where you want to be, telling you the status of your Pell Grant.

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Correct Filing Status – How to Determine Yours

When filing taxes, you will have to fill in lots of information on your tax forms. Some of the information that is entered into the first part of your forms will be the most important. That is your tax identification number and your filing status. Read on to find out how to determine your correct filing status.

The filing status that an individual uses on their tax return can make a big difference. For example, entering the incorrect filing status could mean missing out on deductions. It could cause you to be audited by the IRS, since they might decide that the mistake was intentional. Filing with the correct status, however, will earn you the proper deduction.

Depending on a person’s filing status and taxable income, it is possible they might not have to file taxes and can thus avoid any possibility of owing the government money. Some available tax deductions only apply to individuals with a specific filing status.

The IRS has established five different filing statuses. They are Single, Married Filing Jointly, Married Filing Separately, Head of Household, and Qualifying Widow with Dependent Child. Your personal status on the last day of the year will be used to determine what filing status you should use when filing your taxes for that year.

Single – This filing status is used by anyone who is not married or is no longer married. The deductions are lower and the tax rates are higher for people whose filing status is single.

Married Filing Jointly – Married people are able to decide whether they would like to file their taxes together or separately. If married individuals will receive a larger tax refund by filing separately, they can do so. Filing separately, however, will prevent them from getting some tax credits, like the Earned Income Credit. This is because some tax credits are only available to people with the Married Filing Jointly status.

Married Filing Separately – Married individuals choose to file separately for a wide variety of reasons. Often it is because one of them has some kind of issue with their taxes that might make them owe more money by filing jointly than they do by filing separately.

Head of Household – Single parents benefit from the Head of Household filing status. People filing under this tax status get a higher standard deduction and pay a lower tax rate than those filing under the Single status.

Qualifying Widow(er) with Dependent Child – This filing status, like its name indicates, is for previously married people who have been widowed and left with a child. As long as the widowed individual does not remarry, they can file their taxes with this status for a maximum of two years.

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Income Tax Return Status

Your current income tax return status is ‘account locked – user action required’. Did that get your attention? If not, then what is your current status? So, you don’t know if your current income tax return status is ‘account locked – user action required’ or not? You perhaps should more accurately state it as, “I hope that’s not my current account status.”

The truth of the matter is the only time you know or care about your current status is when you are either waiting for a refund or some other form of correspondence on the progress of your income tax return. If you were to find out that there was some form of issue with your account in August, then you might actually wait a day or even two before setting the time aside to dig deeper into the issue. However, if you submitted last week and you received notification of action required, you would probably go to the web application right away.

Online status web applications have brought about a working relationship between the processing of a submitted return from a citizen and the many governmental departments that a return passes through before it will be approved and completed. Being able to change a status code at every stop and set of prying eyes in the process allows you as a taxpayer to see how long each part of the process actually takes. It also will automatically notify you or if you don’t have that set up, you will have to login to the site and check your current status.

Just a few decades ago, if you wanted to know you current income tax return status, the very best you could have done was to make a phone call, spending as much time needed before you have all the correct phone numbers, information, and people on the phone and being lucky enough to receive the status within the next 20 minutes or so. It would have been quite common to receive a called back later that day, the next day or even next week before you would get the status code. Sometimes, your refund would arrive and your return become complete before you get the status code and at that point, it’s wrong.

Recent developments in technology have made checking your income tax return status quick and easy. Not only will the return be processed quicker if a problem arises, it helps keep both the taxpayer and the governmental agencies focused on the same tasks. You can find an elaborate Income Tax Refund Calculator on almost all governmental websites to encourage and help you make accurate estimates of your personal taxes.

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Non Status Car Leasing for the UK Marketplace

Non Status Car Leasing for People with Bad Credit
Shopping for a new car should be an exciting and rewarding experience, but it can be all gloom and doom if you have non status credit. What could be worse than finding the exact car of your dreams, in just the right colour, with all of the right options, and then getting turned down by the dealer, bank, or finance company because of your credit history or some other circumstance that makes you non status?

Well, if you were the only person that this has ever happened to, then it would be fair to say that you are well and truly hosed. But, the fact is, there are millions of people in the U.K. who have less than perfect credit, or find themselves classified as non status because of a recent divorce, being self employed, or just simply not having any credit history to rely on. And yes, these people still can get into a new car. Want to know how they do it? Here’s the secret.

Non Status Car Leasing Options
There are U.K. car financing companies who specialize in helping people who are classified as non status. These automobile loan companies realize that credit problems happen to good people, and the chances are that you will make your payments on time if someone would just give you a chance to prove it.

Here’s how it works for Non Status Car Leasing
Typically you go about your business shopping for a car just like you normally would. Once you determine the make and model you want, and what options you want to order, you contact your non status car leasing loan provider and give them all of the details.

You’ll have to fill out a credit application, but don’t panic! They already know that you have non status credit or you wouldn’t be coming to them. The application process is a legal requirement for any legitimate car loan provider. Once the application is completed, and the lender approves you for the amount you need, their expert car financing staff goes to work for you.

The way that it works is the non status car loan company will usually buy the car themselves and then lease it to you for a pre-determined period of time. You simply make the monthly payments just as if you leased it through a more traditional lender. As you make each payment you are building your good credit which will go a long way towards helping you when you are ready to get your next car. All you need to do is keep up with your payments.

Should you ever find yourself in a position where you just can’t make a payment when it is due, contact your non status lender right away. Being honest and up front will keep the relationship running smoothly, and the chances are they will be able to help you over the occasional rough spot.

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